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If you’re looking for an easier, more efficient way to engage with your customers, it’s time to take the next step towards success by partnering with Telekit.
Look professional
When a customer calls your business, they want to be directed to the right team member that can help them. Even if all the departments are just you, internal call-routing makes your company appear professional (and larger).
Take control
Your communications are an integral part of your productivity. Having a business line lets you manage and oversee customer interactions so that you can create actionable steps towards improving customer service.
Be reliable
During busy seasons, customer calls might reach all time highs. Telekit prepares you for these high volume periods by ensuring every call will be answered. After all, missed calls are missed sales opportunities.

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Frontline Forensics logo.
"With the requirement to have a SANE (sexual assault nurse examiner) to the patient within 90 minutes, Frontline sought a call system that could save minutes to connection, and provide ease of use to our employees. Telekit was our answer. We are able to provide autonomy to our team as they can quickly sign in to their shifts, our contracting hospitals simply call one main number to be immediately connected to our on-call SANE offering virtually no delay. The text notification system has made it flawless for our management to track calls for quality improvement, follow up and organization. The easy to use call forwarding option can provide peace of mind that a call will never go unanswered. The staff of Telekit have been incredibly accommodating and very open to feedback. A big thank you to all of those at Telekit from Frontline!"
Parkwood logo.
"Our operating model requires us to be available – easily, reliably anytime, wherever we are. Over the years, we have tried many connectivity solutions – and we necessarily need to adapt to whatever method our clients prefer to use. Voice remains an essential part of our communications portfolio, yet we have generally found that the platforms that offered the features we wanted were difficult to set up and relatively expensive to operate. That’s why we like Telekit. It’s affordable, reliable, meets our needs, lets us simply customize and personalize our voice platform and ensures that our clients can find any of us whenever they need us – or leave us a message when we’re not immediately available. Exactly what we need."
Partner & Managing Director
A house.
"The implementation of Telekit has benefited the HOA by providing a very simple and functional means for the HOA members to contact their volunteer leaders. Several systems were reviewed, and Telekit was deemed the best fit as it was the simplest to configure and maintain and provided all of the desired features. In configuring the system, we are able to provide a system that allows our members to quickly and easily contact their volunteer leaders without actually disclosing the leader's phone number. We have frequent turnover of volunteers, and our members used to constantly complain that they did not know how to contact the correct people, and since implementing Telekit, these complaints have been totally eliminated. We also love the call activity log that Telekit provides. Finally, the transfer of our existing phone number was simple and has allowed us to eliminate phone accounts, thus saving us money."
Technology Officer

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