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Drag and drop
Relax! No coding required. Pre-built call component templates make it easy to quickly get your phone system up and running. Simply drag and drop the components of your choice or create your own!
Call Activity
You can view your company’s call activity through our easy-to-navigate dashboard. Access your customers' numbers and find when they called so that you can provide them with the service they deserve.
Business phone number
Need a new number? Great. You can select one from our list. Tied to your business line? No worries. Ask us to port over your existing phone number. Business expanding? Awesome. Get additional business numbers to meet your evolving needs.
Call events history
Gain insight into what is happening during your customer calls. Easily learn why your customers are calling so that you can figure out a plan to meet their needs.

Flexibility when you need it

Customize your caller's experience
Every business is unique, and you know what your customers need. Our application allows you to create a phone system that is tailored to your business so that your customers get the answers they need when they need them.
Save drafts and publish when ready
Busy periods are rough, and the last thing you want to do is spend time messing with your phone system. Telekit lets you create and save drafts about holidays, sales, and special offers ahead of time. Just publish when ready!
Make changes on the fly
Things come up. You need a phone system that allows you to quickly shift when needed. Someone out sick? Just change the transfer number. Need to modify menu options? Accomplish this in 30 seconds or less.
choose your phone number(s)
Let Telekit play a role in your marketing strategy. Our application works with local, toll-free, and vanity phone numbers so that your phone number can play a crucial role in building your brand.

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