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It’s not magic. It’s automation.

Small business owners have enough to do without needing to figure out complicated phone tech. Telekit can have your new phone
system set up and ready to rock (and ring) in 15 minutes or less so that you can focus on what you do best.
Ultra-simple, no-code tech that anyone can use
Just drag and drop the voice options of your choice. Can’t decide? Use one of our call templates. Then go live in 30 seconds or less with one-click publishing.
Always be ready for
busy periods
Plan ahead with application updates about holidays, sales, special offers, and more. Keep them in the drafts until you’re ready to go live, then publish with zero interruptions in service.
Phone numbers that further your marketing
Works with local, toll-free, and vanity phone numbers that you choose, so your phone number becomes one of your most powerful marketing assets. You can keep your existing number and add new business numbers as you expand.
One size does NOT fit all
Every business is unique. No matter what your customers need to accomplish on their call, our platform is completely customizable. Create a custom phone system while you streamline communication and impress your customers.

Ready to take “professional” to another level?

We’re growing too! We listen to our clients and are working on adding in some cool new features. While this is happening, take advantage of joining as a Beta user.

Telekit helps you gain customer trust and loyalty through every call

We’re a versatile platform with a powerful impact. Here’s what Telekit looks like in action.
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Customer Calls
Woohoo — your website, business card, or brochure worked! You’ve got a new lead or a returning customer who wants to get in touch.
Telekit Answers
No more dropping everything to answer the phone. You’re free to focus on the business while Telekit answers the call on your behalf.
Telekit answering a call.
A flowchart showing how Telekit connects calls.
Your Customer Controls the Call
Telekit offers your customer a list of options to get the info or help they need. Easy and empowering — in other words, win–win.
Info or Expert Help is Provided
Once the caller makes their choice, Telekit transfers the call accordingly for one-on-one live talk.
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A representative answering a call.
You Save Time (And Your Sanity)
With your phone calls directed to the right people and places, you can relax knowing that your customer service is being handled effectively.
Your Customers Leave Satisfied
— And Return
Happy customers are repeat customers. And nothing makes customers happier than knowing that when they call with a question or concern, you’ll answer every time.
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What our clients say

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“We are able to provide autonomy to our team as they can quickly sign in to their shifts, our contracting hospitals simply call one main number to be immediately connected to our on-call SANE offering virtually no delay.”
Kristin, founder at
Frontline Forensics logo.
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“It's affordable, reliable, meets our needs, lets us simply customize and personalize our voice platform and ensures that our clients can find any of us whenever they need us.”
John, Partner & Managing Director at
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“Several systems were reviewed, and Telekit was deemed the best fit as it was the simplest to configure and maintain and provided all of the desired features.”
Bob, Technology Officer from
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Vail Systems Inc: Powerhouse of Telekit

Telekit is a product offered by Vail Systems, a Chicago-based company that was founded in 1991. The Vail Platform is designed to be highly available, scalable, and reliable which facilitates millions of customer interactions everyday. Telekit is bringing Vail's software experience & enterprise-grade technology to small businesses. Please visit to learn more.

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